Oath® Soil Life regenerates soil by replenishing the soil microbiome.

Compacted and degraded soil disrupts nature's carbon and nutrient cycles, causing trees to struggle and lose their resiliency.

Oath Soil Life is a probiotic + nutrient system that puts back the missing microbial life to reengage these beneficial cycles and restore soil structure.

Oath Soil Life
microbial tree system
is comprised of:

Oath Soil Life is a
microbial system
comprised of:

  • 100+ beneficial soil microbe species and strains isolated over the past 20 years
  • Custom blend of soil nutrients
  • Precision agronomic testing


How it works

The beneficial microbes in the Oath Soil Life system play a crucial role in metabolizing complex carbon compounds in the soil, originating from various sources, including the plants. A significant portion of this carbon derives from atmospheric carbon dioxide, which plants transform into sugar and transport via their roots into the soil, making it accessible to the soil microbes. The soil microbes transform the carbon and other compounds into metabolites that support the vitality of the plants.

The key to the consortium is its diversity. With a community teeming with life, the microbes fill missing niches and customize themselves to the specific needs of each situation. Without this diversity, wide swathes of unfilled niches would be missed.



A healthy soil microbial community helps to release nutrients trapped in the soil, making them accessible to plants.

Oath Soil Life has been tested in over 200 trials across a broad range of tree and plant types with thousands of repeat customers.
      We saw a huge boost in nutrient density. Our gardens have never looked healthier or more lush.
Adam Farrell-Wortman
Director Horticulture
Tucson Botanical Gardens

Tucson Botanical Gardens is ranked #4 by USA Today in the best botanical gardens in the U.S.

How to apply the Oath Soil Life system

Just pour in the packets, add water, and shake. Watch this video for detailed instructions.

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